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Therons Mountain Honeybush Tea

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Therons Honeybush tea is a South African herbal tea made from the leaves of the honeybush plant. It is grown on the Eastern Cape of South Africa and is closely related to rooibos tea (also known as red bush tea) which comes from the Western Cape of South Africa. The flowers of the honeybush shrub have a honey-like smell, which gives the plant and the tea its sweet-sounding name.
What Is Honeybush Tea?

Honeybush (Cyclopia intermedia) is a shrub with woody stems that produces trifoliate (three-part) leaves and bright yellow flowers. Settlers to South Africa have been interested in the medicinal benefits of honeybush tea for hundreds of years.

Fermented leaves and stems of the honeybush shrub are used to brew honeybush tea.

Tea drinkers describe the taste of honeybush as floral, lightly roasted, and similar to honey. Although it is often compared to rooibos tea, honeybush is usually sweeter and fuller bodied. Some say that the taste is “less medicinal” than rooibos tea. The taste of honeybush that you brew at home will depend on your brewing method and on the particular tea leaves that you buy.
30s x 70gr

1 review for THERON’S Mountain Honeybush Teabags

  1. Amy

    This is by far THE BEST and most delicious Honeybush tea in South Africa! It is not always easy to find so my husband has ordered directly from the farm a few times. Maybe @faithfultonature could stock it, even Takealot? I have tried them all, this is hands down my favourite.

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